Bonsai Creative

Wedding videographers based out of Elmira, Ontario.

Project Tasks

We created a logo and brand design package that can be applied to the client’s website and promotional material.


We love this psychedelic retro font that communicates a brand who is comfortable looking different. Traditional serif typefaces generally occupying the videographer brand design space and we were really happy that this client was interested to stand out vs. blend in.

We explored several ideas for the logo’s subject that all represent connection and the emotion of two individuals coming together. The client went with a bonsai tree ultimately which is a good fit with their name.

We designed many variations of the tree for them to create the most ideal visual representation, showing strength, and exploring the tree’s illustrative style. All custom illustrations shown here are based on even more sketches we considered. One single logo is the creation of sometimes hundreds of iterations.


The client had specific visual references that they provided, to show an illustrative anime style that they were a fan of. We then created custom illustrations to accompany their logo and branding as a bonus item for them.