We design academic papers, research reports, and annual reports of any kind. We like creating unique designs that stand out as a personally crafted pieces that are a little different than standard reports with generic stock photos. Our experience in brand design ties in perfectly with our report designs and we are known for our fast turnaround times.

We create reports with:

  • original photography, graphic art, illustrations + infographics whenever possible
  • accessibility best practice considerations in mind
  • a unique visual identity
  • identity designs for report series

Report designs shown here are primarily for think tanks and government or educational institutions, U of T and Toronto Metropolitan University, as well as many other non-profit and policy organizations.

Latest report designs

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“Accessible design is good design”

 —  Steve Ballmer

Report Design Details

Our clients

Industries and client types we most commonly work with:

University + Education Support . Think Tanks . Research Departments . Public Policy Departments + Academics . Survey Data Institutes . Non-Profit Organizations . Diversity + Future Skills Departments . Social Capital Groups . Government Departments . Law and Lawyers . Healthcare Centres

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