Using storytelling in your graphic design to connect to your audience

Storytelling can help you to build emotional connections with your audience, create engagement, and help you to simplify complex information and make it easier to understand. Tips on how to use storytelling in your copywriting in your graphic design work, social media, and digital communications.


UNIVERSE Specialty: Report designs for Ontario think tanks

We have extensive experience creating accessible report designs and all related assets for their online marketing. We have worked with many Toronto and Ontario policy researchers, think tanks, and universities to create one-of-a-kind engaging report designs.


The excitement & terror of AI in graphic design

We here at UNIVERSE welcome our new robot partners. The potential of automating repetitive, technically complex (and most importantly, uncreative) production work is quite exciting. The question of how much will eventually be possible when we give AI more specific direction is a fascinating one.

typeface styles when to use them

Typography styles and when to use them in your brand design

Typography is one of the strongest identifiers of your brand’s identity. Much like the icon element of a logo, the type choice will immediately visually communicate the tone and style of your brand identity. In this post we identify what characteristics and style each typeface conveys, when to use them (including accessibility considerations), and examples of each in use.