We have been designing and developing websites for over 20 years. We strictly provide web design solutions that are designed with current best practices in web development considered. Our websites are sustainable and we help clients maintain their sites over time so they are worry-free and don’t need to be rebuilt every 5 years. We are recognized in Toronto as an affordable web design studio with a modern design aesthetic. Let us create your minimal, contemporary website design with our stress-free design process.

Web design services + specializations

We standardly implement all of the following aspects into our websites, at no additional charge:

Wordpress platform only

Responsive layout and design. All-platform, all device compatibility

AODA-compliant (level AA) to ensure accessibility requirements are met for Ontario Government + university standards

SEO (search engine optimization) basic level built-in, with opportunity to max this out if desired

Google Analytics installed so your website can be analyzed for its performance and interest areas over time

Website Design FAQs

How much does a website design cost?

This one is challenging to ask without many considerations detailed, but to give you a rough ballpark, our website development costs start at $6000. This would be for a simple informational 1-5 page Wordpress website.

What platform do you use for your websites?

Wordpress all the way. There is no other affordable platform or solution that gives you the flexibility, sustainability and level of design control that Wordpress provides.

From our Design Blog:


FAQ: How do I get my website to appear on the top of Google search results?

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is the technical term for the ways in which we can design a website to maximize its potential to appear at the top of Google’s organic search results. Learn how we can help you to get your website to appear on the top of Google search results with tips from Google and UNIVERSE.

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